Current Projects


Spring Hill Basic School, Jamaica December 2014

Way up in the Blue Mountains about two hours from Kingston, is this little one-room schoolhouse, where teacher Ms. Sylvia Thomas leads a group of tiny tots through their daily lessons. Just a few days after flying into Jamaica,  up and up we go into the forests to hand deliver a "Charlie Brown Christmas".

With generous holiday donations from you, in a nice big red stocking, Christmas letters from California's Red Bank Elementary, the tiny tots and teens smile with Christmas books and music (all geared toward learning), school and tree decorations, gifts for Ms. Thomas' desk and teaching and art tools, and of course MANY toothbrushes complete with instructions, including hand washing. Amy's Villages also assesses schoolgrounds/water conditions to prevent the epidemic Chikungunya Virus. and is in close consultation with CARPHA, Caribbean health services. We plan to educate women about poor oral hygiene effects on low birthweight babies.


Jamaica Outreach Program Kingston  January 2015

JOP is a dental/optical mission with volunteer practitioners from all over the USA, and based in Florida, and rely completely on donations to support the intense work that this kind of service requires.

Every 8 weeks a new team comes to the clinic at St Pious X Catholic Church in one of the ghettos in Kingston.

Amy's Villages has joined forces with JOP and for what seemed like the longest week,  provided Oral Hygiene Education, tooth decay preventative services and organize the dental operatories and patients for the next round of missionaries. We saw over 600 patients! Oh and the kids? witty, so smart and interested and of course Amy always had her posse of children in tow (yes, that includes IN the operatories!). With traditional island sugar cane and the usual sweet treats highly consumed, JOP  has made great great progress with the Jamaicans here, eliminating oral pain, preventing new oral problems, with the optical/optometry team addressing sight issues and surgically correcting cataracts (remember that very bright Caribbean sunshine?).

Karma Yoga Benefit Indonesia June/July 2015

Late spring and early summer in California, efforts are dedicated to fundraising for Bali.  With the participation of 3 California yoga studios, students in workshops and classes will donate their tuition.  Guided by teacher Amy, 100 students in 4 days will support three projects:  two Balinese animal rescue groups BAWA and BARC, and our Lembongan Library. Click the image: YOU can donate a jar of change, an item from our Amazon Wish List, or simply visit our donation page.

Karma Yoga Fundraising events are some of the MOST fun of them all!  Joining hearts and minds in these wonderful courses creates harmony, peace, compassion.  Karma, the selfless action of love and generosity, is the ultimate in a yoga practice.

Two of many animal advocacy groups on Bali, they tirelessly save the abused, neglected, diseased and discarded dogs and cats. We believe in giving back to Bali as this magical island gives the world so much enchantment and wonder.

Additionally, we are gearing up for our Library and after school program on the paradise but poor island,  Nusa Lembongan. Beginning November, the children of Lembongan will have access to books, English lessons, oral health education, basic first aid & safety, as well as art and educational play activities.

Lembongan Library  Indonesia Winter 2015

Read our Report (3) here!

Our pilot project of a library and after-school center on the remote island of Nusa Lembongan will launch it's first sessions at the end of 2015. As the children of this paradise island absolutely go to school, there are no possibilities of any outside learning at all. While it is a paradise in the western sense, activities for locals are quite limited.

No cars, no amenities, random electricity and with many families working very hard in the seaweed farms, the children's learning stops when the school bell rings. Literacy and creativity are important, as is group play and exploring all the wonders of the world through subjects such as science, nature and animals, music and math.

On Bali, there are established programs similar to our pilot project.  Summer 2015 is spent researching and communicating with the following outreach programs.  Amy will be doing site visits to these libraries/centers. BaliWISE, Bali Hearts, Coba Baca Library Lovina, East Bali Poverty Project and of course the Bali Children's Project.