Donate now!

With your generous contribution, you are making a world of difference to the most grateful families in the world. You become a key player in the life of one of our villagers by:

  • Learning about social injustice
  • Exploring sustainable choices with natural resources
  • Chipping away at malnutrition
  • Correcting poor dental health, relieving pain and embarrassment
  • Teaching English and opening doors to fair opportunities
  • Decreasing the risks of diabetes, obesity and infectious disease
  • Reducing plastic waste and Introducing recycling programs
  • Exploring connections between mind and body
  • Helping an elder with chronic backpain from farming
  • Teaching children about their global role and how THEY matter
  • Managing pets and wildlife and introducing humane treatment

Donations "In Kind", which is defined as goods and services instead of money. As our villages are very remote:  airline miles and hotel points help get us to these remote destinations.

Essential hygiene and teaching items are toothbrushes, crayons, chalk, books and coloring books.

On Clinic days, donations of dental hygiene scalers, polishing paste, mirrors and explorers are vital.

Hygiene products such as Band-aids,  antibiotic cream and eye care. Reading glasses, hiker's headlamps, solar flashlights/lamps and citronella are incredibly useful.

How you can help when you travel:

When you travel to a developing nation, take some items along for the local schoolchildren, animal shelter or village.
Consider teaching a skill or show off your own talent, and bring something that they will remember you by(this includes printed, autographed photos of yourself).

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