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Amy Pittelkau

Since the early 80's in dental hygiene school, much of my program was spent serving people who didn't have access to dental care, from the Home for the Incurables in Virginia to intercity public health clinics, and with AIDS being just barely discovered our work was just unfolding. Then a dental mission to rural Jamaica in 1986 planted the seed in me....to Reach the Unreachable.....from serving Mono and Piaute Toiyabe Indian Health tribes, to rehabilitating street youth in Sacramento, as well as private sector dentistry. In 1999, after becoming disabled from clinical practice(yet was able to return in 2015), I became a Bikram Yoga Instructor.  I founded and directed 3 large yoga studios in California, and continued to organize charitable events. But in 2012, something switched in my soul. I felt an intense, undeniable calling to trade "it" all in and explore the world on a deeper level by assisting impoverished communities everywhere I went.   The only plan was to follow my heart.

In late 2013 for 10 months, through my travels and service in some of the world's poorest countries, I felt so aliveso incredibly happy! and an overwhelming sense of duty.I call it my Year of Love. What a gift I received from these very very poor villages, and what grace and gratitude I witnessed. Many of these cultures, and even the most remote of villages, have been affected by 1st World wars, greedy economics, rampant corruption, people and natural resource exploitation.

With your help, I have faith that together we are improving the lives of at least a few, and I hope many,  of Earth's living creatures, great and small. We can make a difference and every tiny effort counts.

With that desire in my heart, I preside over Amy's Villages. We’re all looking to make a difference in our world and I believe that by focusing on communities, we’re going to make the most substantial impact. The world is made up of these important social connections and if you foster them positively, they’ll pay huge dividends - in love, care, and a better world.

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Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your actions.

Dalai Lama